About Us

Welcome to DASH-SPORTS, the home of football shirts.

At DASH-SPORTS our number 1 priority is customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the best quality replica shirts, with the most reliable service, at the best possible price.

DASH-SPORTS was designed with one specific goal in mind, which is to supply customers with the highest quality replica football shirts at an affordable price. Product inflation grows globally year upon year without rest or signs of slowing, and following the release of the new 19/20 season football merchandise, shirt prices reach an all time high! This is where we draw the line. 

These prices are not affordable to the majority of working men and women across the UK and internationally, therefore we set out to find the best quality shirts from the best suppliers, near identical to those used by the official teams and official sellers, in order to offer an alternative product to those who don’t want to pay ludicrous prices in order to show support for their favourite team.

The majority of football shirts these days are manufactured in South East Asia / China. Countries include Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and China and they are all using the same materials, processes and method to create the finished product you would buy in your favoured sports store. As Director of DASH-SPORTS, I spent almost a year traveling around South East Asia in search of a way to improve the prices without hindering on quality. I met with suppliers from The Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia and other places; and in doing so have created a network specific to DASH-SPORTS, opened lines of communication between these suppliers, and ensured that these are the best quality factories available. We have an experienced supply team supporting Dash-Sport since and the methods, materials and practices used to develop these products are of great quality.

This is what we have done differently at DASH-SPORTS and we have been working tirelessly all year to ensure we have everything in place to ensure YOU, as the customer, have the best possible experience when shopping with us. Some of the benefits shopping with us;

- We are able to deliver to your door usually within 7- 15 working days of your order, allowing 15 days on some occasions, and extra time during busy holiday periods.

- We provide the best quality shirts including any names, numbers and sleeve badges that you may wish to have.

- We offer a 14 day return policy in place if you order the wrong size, or have an issue, then we can replace, exchange or refund accordingly.

To recap, we are doing this for our customers. We are here to provide the best service we can and are grateful for anyone choosing DASH-SPORTS, and for those who want the cheaper option without having to suffer on quality, we're here to help. We have a support email address for which any requests, queries or issues can be reported and we respond within 24hours to all enquiries. We also have a message service which provides general store assistant 24/7, and feel free to follow, message, like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Welcome to DASH-SPORTS, I’m sure we have what you’re looking for...